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The College of Forestry is located in the main campus of the Kerala Agricultural University at Vellanikkara, about 10 km east of Thrissur (10° 32' 52.05" N latitude; 76° 16' 45.55" E longitude; about 40 m MSL) city along the side of the National Highway 47. The College is set in a sprawling 126 acre greenery, nestled in the hills that make up the Western Ghats part of Thrissur district. It is very near to the Peechi – Vazhani wildlife sanctuary. The College is strategically located in terms of its nearness to the academic and research institutions of not only KAU, but also of other internationally reputed institutes such as the Kerala Forest Research Institute (www.kfri.org) located at Peechi, 10 km away. The head quarters of the central circle of the Kerala Forest Department is also quite nearby.



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College of Forestry
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656