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Dr. Jijeesh CM

Assistant Professor and Academic Officer (UG)
Address (Residence): 

Reasearch Areas

Reproductive biology, Forest seed technology, Nursery management, Carbon sequestration, Litter dynamics



Description: My research interests include reproductive biology of bamboos, forest seed and nursery technology, carbon sequestration and litter dynamics. The main focus is on bamboos and teak.

Selected Publications

  • Jijeesh CM & Sudhakara K. 2007. Variations in number of seeds the physical characteristics of teak (Tectona grandis Linn.f.) fruits of Nilambur Forest Division, Kerala. Seed Research, 35: 25-33

  • Jijeesh CM & Seethalakshmi KK. 2010. Effect of node position and growth regulating substances on root induction of culm cuttings in four commercially important Bambusa species. Green farming, 3 (1): 23-28

  • Jijeesh CM, Seethalakshmi KK & Raveendran VP. 2011. Studies on reproductive biology aspects of Schizostachyum dullooa (Gamble) Majumdar (Bambusaceae). Journal of Bamboo and Rattan , 10: 95-102

  • Jijeesh CM & Sudhakara K. 2013. Larger drupe size and earlier germinants for better seedling attributes in teak (Tectona grandis Linn.f). Annals of Forest Research, 56(2): 307-316

  • Jijeesh CM & Seethalakshmi KK. 2011. Reproductive biology of Ochlndra wightii (Munro), an endemic reed bamboo of Western Ghats, India. Phytomorphology. 61: 17-24

  • Seethalakshmi KK, Jijeesh CM, Beena VB & Raveendran VP. 2009. Flowering and Regeneration of Three endemic Reed Bamboos of Western Ghats - Ochlandra travancorica Benth, O. soderstromiana Mukthesh & Stephen and O. spirostylis Mukthesh, Seetha. & Stephen. Bamboo Science and Culture 22: 32-39. 


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College of Forestry
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656