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Dr. Kunhamu TK

Professor and Head
Address (Residence): 

Reasearch Areas

Plantation silviculture, tropical forest ecology and tropical agroforestry, multi-tier agroforestry research- homegarden- trees outside forests—farm forestry research


Silviculture and Agroforestry

Selected Publications


Sudhakara K, Kunhamu TK, Gopakumar S, Jijeesh CM and Asha K Raj (Eds). 2014. Book of Abstracts. National Seminar on Family Farming: Agroforestry Options for Food, Nutritional and Ecological Security in Humid Tropics. Organized by College of Forestry, Thrissur, 21-23 December 2014

Kumar, B.M and T.K.Kunhamu. 2011. Quarter century of Agroforestry Research in Kerala: A compendium of Research Publications. (eds). Kohinoor Printers, Thrissur, Kerala. 401p

Anoop, E. V, Kunhamu, T.K., Vidyasagar, K., Aruna, P. and Abhilash, G (2011). Veettuvalappile Vriksha Vilakal (Tree Crops in Homegardens). KAU,  P.60.


Book chapters (Peer reviewed)

Kittur, B. H., Sudhakara, K., Kumar, B.M., Kunhamu, T.K. 2019. Performance of Ginger and Chittaratha Under Varying Spacings of Seven Year Old Bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees) in Central Kerala, India. In: Agroforestry for Climate Resilience and Rural Livelihood. Scientific Publishers. New Delhi. Pp 320-326.

Kunhamu, T.K. 2017. An overview of trees outside forests in Kerala with focus on the timber sector. In: Status and Recent Researches on Important Timber Trees of India, Chapter: 12, Publisher: Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, PB 1061, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore, Editors: C. Buvaneswaran, S. Senthilkumar, S. Saravanan, P. Kathirvel, S. Murugesan, R.S. Prashanth, pp.145-162

Kunhamu, T.K. 2017. Climate change mitigation and adaptation: TOF and Agroforestry perspectives for Kerala. In: Agroforestry Strategies for Climate Change, Edition: 2017, Chapter: 24, Publisher: Jaya Publishing House, 27-B, Pocket-B, Dilshad Garden, Delhi, Editors: Parthiban KT, Jude Sudhagar R, Cinthia Fernandaz, Suresh KK, pp.323-341

Kunhamu, T.K. 2015. Indian Homegardens as a sustainable land use practice: Prospects and Challenges. In: Agroforestry: Present Status and Way Forward. Dhyani, SK., Ram Newaj, Alam, B. and Dev, I. Biotech Books, New Delhi. Pp. 35-59.

Kunhamu, T.K. 2013. Tropical homegardens. Agroforestry-Theory and Practice. Raj, A.J. and S.B. Lal (eds). Scientific publishers (India), Jodhpur. pp- 365-375

Kunhamu, T.K. and Santhoshkumar. A.V. 2012. Mango in agroforestry. In: Mango (Vol. I). Sudha, G.V., Rajmohan, K., Govil, J.N., Peter, K.V. and George, T. (eds). Studium Press, LLC, Texas-77072, USA. P: 395-405.

Kunhamu, T.K., Mohan Kumar, B., and Samuel, S. 2011. Does tree management affect biomass and soil carbon stocks of Acacia mangium Willd.  stands in Kerala, India? In: Carbon Sequestration Potential of Agroforestry Systems: Opportunities and challenges. BM Kumar and PKR Nair (eds). Advances in Agroforestry 8. Springer Science, The Netherlands. 217-228.

Kunhamu, T.K. 2011. Jack and agroforestry.  In: The Jackfruit. George, T., Peter, K.V. and George, S.V (eds). Studium Press, LLC, Texas-77072, USA. 177-189.

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Kumar, B.M and T.K.Kunhamu. 2011. Quarter century of Agroforestry Research in Kerala: A compendium of Research Publications. (eds). Kohinoor Printers, Thrissur, Kerala. 401p

Selected scientific articles (Peer reviewed)

Joy, J., Raj, A.K., Kunhamu, T.K., V. Jamaludheen and Jayasree, K. 2019. \Fodder production and carbon stocks of calliandra under coconut plantation. Range mgmt. & Agroforestry. 40 (1): 109-117.

Jose, R.M., Jamaludheen, V., Kunhamu, T.K., Santhoshkumar, A.V. and A.K. Raj. 2019. Growth and productivity of selected fodder grasses intercropped under mature coconut and rubber plantations at Vellanikkara, Thrissur. Indian J. Agroforestry. 21 (1): 21-26.

John, A.R., Raj, A.K., Kunhamu, T.K., Anoop, E.V. and Jamaludheen, V. 2019. Forage yield and carbon dynamics of mulberry fodder banks under varying density and harvest intervals in coconut garden. Indian Journal of Agroforestry. 21(1): 42-49.

Ramanan, S.S., Kunhamu, T.K., Anoop, E.V. and George, A.K. 2018. Does stand thinning influence wood physical properties? An investigation in a tropical hardwood, Acacia mangium Willd. Journal of Tropical Agriculture. 56 (2): 137-144.

Jeeshma, V.J., Anoop, E.V., Dhamodaran, T.K. Vidyasagaran,K., Kunhamu, T.K. and S. Gopakumar. 2018. Diffusion treatment of coconut palm wood using organic preservatives. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 56 (1): 69-72.

Kumar, V., Kunhamu, T.K., Jamaludheen, V., Santhoshkumar, A.V. and Raj, A.K. 2018. Root distribution pattern of young Swietenia macrophylla King. stands in central Kerala, India. Indian Journal of Agroforestry. 20 (2): 9-14.

Kunhamu, TK., Aneesh, S., Kumar, BM, Jamaludheen, V., Raj, AK. And  P. Niyas. 2018. Biomass production, carbon sequestration and nutrient characteristics of 22-year-old support trees in black pepper (Piper nigrum. L) production systems in Kerala, India. Agroforest Syst. 92:1171–1183. DOI 10.1007/s10457-016-0054-5 https://doi.org/10.1007/s10457-016-0054-5

Joy, J., Raj, A.K., Kunhamu, T.K and V. Jamaludheen. 2018. Forage yield and nutritive quality of three-years-old calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn.) under different management options in coconut plantations of Kerala, India. Indian J. of Agroforestry. 20 (1) : 11-15

Sagaran, K.A., Raj, A.K., Kunhamu, T.K., Thomas, C.G and A.V. Santhosh Kumar. 2018. Management of calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus Meissn.) in coconut plantation for boosting forage yield and nutritive value. Range Mgmt. & Agroforestry 39 (1): 65-71.

Ramanan, S.S. and Kunhamu, T.K. 2018. Non-Inverse J - shaped population distribution: Peculiarity of Red Sanders forests (Response & Reply). Vol. 10 (2): 11356–11357

Unnithan, S.R., Kunhamu, T.K., Sunanda, C., Anoop, E.V., Jamaludheen, V.  and Santhoshkumar, A.V. 2017. Floristic diversity and standing stock of timber in homegardens of Thrissur district, Kerala. Indian J. of Agroforestry. 19 (2) : 8-12.

Sahoo, S., Anoop, E.V., Vidyasagaran, K., Kunhamu, T.K. and A.V. Santhoshkumar. 2017. Vessel morphology variation and ecoanatomical properties of anjily (Artocarpus hirsutus Lam.) wood grown in different agro-climatic zones of Thrissur, Kerala. Journal of Tropical Agriculture 55 (1): 40-44.

Ramanan, S.S. and Kunhamu, T.K. 2017. Need and scope for agroforestry in Disaster Management Plan for Animals. Annals of Plant Sciences. 6.10 (2017) pp. 1694-1697.

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Thomas A. Fox, T.A., Rhemtulla, J.M., Ramankutty, N., Lesk, C., Coyle, T., Kunhamu, T.K. 2017. Agricultural land-use change in Kerala, India: Perspectives from above and below the canopy. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment. 245: 1–10

Kittur, B. H., Sudhakara, K., Kumar, B.M., Kunhamu, T.K. and P. Sureshkumar. 2017. Effects of clump spacing on nutrient distribution and root activity of Dendrocalamus strictus in the humid region of Kerala, peninsular India. J. For. Res. DOI 10.1007/s11676-017-0391-x

Reshma M. Raj, Asha K. Raj, Kunhamu T. K., Jamaludheen V. and Anoob Prakash. 2016. Fodder yield and nutritive value of subabul (Leucaena leucocephala Lam.) under diverse management regimes in coconut garden. Indian J. of Agroforestry. 18 (2): 79-85

Varsha, KM., Raj, AK., Kurien, EK., Bastin, B., Kunhamu, TK., Pradeep, KP. 2016. High density silvopasture systems for quality forage production and carbon sequestration in humid tropics of Southern India. Agroforest Syst. DOI 10.1007/s10457-016-0059-0

Niyas, P., Kunhamu, T.K.,  Ali, S.K.,  Jothsna, C., Aneesh, C.R., Kumar, N. and R. Sukanya. 2016. Functional diversity in the selected urban and peri-urban homegardens of Kerala, India.  Indian J. of Agroforestry. 18 (1): 39-46

Manjunatha, M, Santhoshkumar, A.V., Kunhamu, T.K., Sandeep, S., Sunil, K.M., Suresh Kumar, P. 2016. Organic carbon and Total Nitrogen status of Soils under the Teak plantation of various ages in Kerala. Environment and Ecology. 34(3):882-886

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Raj, A.K., Kunhamu, T.K. and S. Kiroshima. 2015. Low- cost potting mix for quality seedling production of multipurpose calliandra (Calliandra calothyrsus) in humid tropics of Kerala. Indian J. of Agroforestry. 17 (2) : 55-60 (2015)

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