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Dr. E. K. Kurien

Professor - Agricultural Engineering
Address (Residence): 

Selected Publications

Sajeena, S.,and Kurien, E.K. 2019. Studies on groundwater resources using visual MODFLOW – A case study of Kadalundi river basin, Malappuram, Kerala. Indian  Journal of Soil Conservation. 47(1): 21-29.

Mini Abraham, Kurien, E.K., Bhindhu, P.S., and Gilsha Bai, E.B. 2018. Suitability of kitchen waste water in agriculture. International Journal of Economic Plants 5(4): 181-183.

Kurien E.K., Fasludeen, N.S.and Afthab Saeed,P.P. 2016. A hydro-geophysical investigation of groundwater by electrical profiling: International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Research Technology 5(1):258-264.

Praveena, K.K and Kurien, E.K. 2016 Study of rainfall characteristics and soil erosion by using a rainfall simulator: Advances in Life Sciences 5(2): 493-499.

Sajeena, S and Kurien E.K. 2015.Application of geo-physical techniques for groundwater investigation- A case study of Kadalundy river basin, Malappuram, Kerala. Trends in Bio Sciences 8(16): 4238-4248.

Kurien E.K., Sheeja P.S., Ritu Prem and Shazna K.2013 A hydro geophysical investigation of groundwater potential. International Journal of Engineering Research and Development 9(4):30-35.

Nadiya Nesthad, Kurien E.K.,Mathew E.K. and Anu Varughese 2013. Impact of fertigation and drip system layout on performance of chilli (Capsicum annum): (2013) International Journal of Engineering Research and Development 9(4):85-88.

Nadiya Nesthad, Kurien E.K.,Mathew E.K. and Anu Varughese. 2013 Evaluation of different fertigation equipments and the hydraulic performance of the drip fertigation system: (2013) Journal of Agricultural Sciences 1(1): 12-17.

Kurien E.K and Senthilvel S. 2011. A groundwater recharge model for an agricultural watershed. Advances in Experimental Agriculture 2: 123-131.

Kurien E.K. and Senthilvel S.2009. Soil erosion and runoff model for a well defined soil series of Tamil Nadu: Eco-Chronicle  4(3): 141-146.

Sajeena S. V.M. Abdul Hakkim and Kurien, E. K. 2008. Erodibility of three well defined series of laterite soils in Kerala under simulated rainfall conditions. Indian Journal of Soil Conservation 36(2): 74-77.


Sajeena S.,Kurien E.K.and Brijesh V.K. 2016. Identification of groundwater potential zones using geophysical technique in Kadalundi river basin, Malappuram, Kerala: Proceedings of the International Groundwater Conference (IGWC.2015) Feb.2016, 220-232 .

Kurien E.K and Jayakrishnan P.R., 2014.Climate change over India: Impacts on land and water resources. Proceedings of the National Conference on Changing Climatic Scenario and Sustainable Resource Management (CSSR 2014)  

Kurien E.K. 2013. Curriculum Changes in Agricultural Engineering Education. NAIP sponsored Executive Development Workshop on Educational Policy and Planning for Promoting Innovation in Agriculture. National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad.


Nadiya Nesthad, Kurien E.K., Mathew E.K and Anu Varughese. 2015. Biometric Response of Chilli under Micro-Irrigation Practices-.In:  Megh R. Goyal (ed)Management, Performance and Applications of Micro Irrigation Systems Apple Academic Press, Toronto New Jersey.

 Fellowships/ Membership in professional bodies

Fellow of the Institution of Engineers (India), Calcutta

Life Member, Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers, New Delhi

Life Member,  Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationists, Dehradun.



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College of Forestry
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656