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The college has well equipped laboratories. In addition to UG and PG laboratories, separate laboratories for biochemical work, silviculture,  agroforestry, biotechnology, tree physiology, tree propagation, tree tissue culture, mensuration, wood quality testing, wood anatomy, seed technology,   forest management, wildlife science  etc. have been established. In addition, a central instrumentation facility is also available. Laboratories have the most modern equipments such as the Plant Water Status Console, Leaf Area Meter, Data Logger, Radiation Sensors, Plant Canopy Analyzer, Laminar Flow, Sound Level Meter, UV Spectro photometer, Flame Photometer, Precision Balances, Portable Photosynthetic system, Continuous flow analyser, Automatic Nitrogen Analyzer, Wood Microtome, Programmable Biofreezers, Digital Vernier Calipers, Lux Meter, Image Analyser, TDS Meter, Densitometere, Electrophorosis unit etc.


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College of Forestry
Kerala Agricultural University
Thrissur Kerala 680656