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College Library

College has a separate library block of 250 m2 area.  It houses 6500 titles related to forestry science. The library is manned by one Library Assistant and one helper. One faculty is in charge of college library. Availability and accessibility of rich collection of knowledge resources in forestry make the college library an important reference point for students and researchers. The entire collection is catalogued and index of the same is available in the digital form. Database of all the books and other documents in the College library has been created using CDS/ISIS programme of UNESCO. The entire resources in the library can be accessed through the open source Library information system KOHA. The College is connected with the University library with CeRA. All the faculties and students have round the clock online access.  The college have Turnitin software which helps to check the plagiarism of M. Sc. and Ph. D. thesis and research papers. College library has an IFS corner which helps all the aspirants of civil service to prepare for the exam and also provides the latest study materials..